Transforming the impersonal environment of an office, one hotel’s hall or any commercial activity, creating the same atmosphere of a home, with refined design details and artworks is a request increasingly frequent. Have you ever thought about the possibility to rent an artwork or a design object for company places or domestic ones, or just for a special event? We are constantly stimulated by images and new products, which unconsciously create inside us renew desires, why not to conceive the temporary choice of furniture which makes our space unique. It’s well-known that in Anglo-Saxon’s Countries are constantly increasing art galleries or societies specialized in rentals of more or less known artists’ artworks, capable to satisfy companies and professionals of all levels, why not having a look of this reality which is, for some aspects, in the forefront compared to us? We, at Spazioannabreda, offer this amazing possibility since many years, following personally in ad hoc inspections, to advice you the best artworks, sculptures and design pieces, to make special the setting of your places, fairs, showrooms or whatever.

True passionates can have the possibility, with this service, to vary constantly the items, so periodically also furniture, not worrying about what suits the best for the walls, because, after all, artworks have to dialogue to daily life of who loves art. It’s surely a very good alternative to buying, not only for privates, but also for architects who has to create the right environment offering to the client a house ‘’keys in the hand’’ and also for whoever manages an activity which requests an atmosphere suitable to be tastefully greeted. We don’t have to forget that it is a perfect service also for event planners, fashion shows and openings that, in this way, can make an elegant and unforgettable scenography.

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