Fairs are important events which attract always thousands of people passionate about their main theme the fair is dedicated, or simply curious. So is for art fairs, true culture meetings, where artists can introduce their works and let themselves be known. As the other kind of fairs, also in the art ones there are stands, occupied in particular by who owns an art gallery or works in it. Actually, for art galleries fairs are so important, but not in the same way as the past. In the past years they were used to enlarge the number of clients and passionate people, and to get known and advertise artists. Making people know new international art promising people and the and actual trends, they caught new clients.

Today, on the other hand, the relationship between art galleries and art fairs is not the same: there is an incredible gap and only fairs, which have been creating a proper business, are earning money, not galleries anymore. In fact, every stand has to pay a sum of several thousands of euros, to occupy a space inside the fair. The result consists only in attiring curious people who watch painting exposed but who are not seriously willing to buy anything. It’s almost a risk for the gallery’s reputation: true passionate visitors are just a few, and there are a lot of inexpert people not willing to make important purchasing; a really low communication by the fair’s organizers contribute to get discredit to the gallery itself, which is represented by low-quality stands, attributing automatically an unintentional write-down of its own artworks.

But, in the most serious and important art fairs, art galleries can conclude any business? Not properly. Art passionates use fairs to known new galleries or to find interesting emerging artists, but at the end, the bargaining and the proper sell will take place inside the art gallery. A much more elegant place, where it’s possible to inhale art, surrounded by artworks from any genre: this is the much suitable location to conclude a good business.

So, what is the sense of an art fair today? It’s truly a good way to get known, but Spazio Anna Breda believes in another way to advertise its gallery and the artworks inside it. Investing money earned by selling in communications among web, in assisting customers who come to the gallery and need professionals and art lovers as they are, who will surely find the work most suitable for the client’s personality. These are the new investments that Spazio Anna Breda in intentioned to do, the only way to get what fairs can’t offer anymore.