The most winning mathematical formula ever!

Home is the place where we retire when we are tired, it is a place to meet, of dinners with friends and intimacy… Finally, home! You can throw away your shoes, your mask! One fresh wine glass and you can chill on the sofa totally in relax!

Furniture is the main dish, art is a side which can’t miss!

Let’s try for a moment to imagine the world’s number one restaurant, with delicious fish dishes, but, when you taste a ginger flavoured side dish… here it is! The perfection! Various tastes mix themselves perfectly, our senses wake up in a total delight.

For the home is the same: the cure and the love we have choosing furniture, in its minimum particulars, our search for objects through marketplaces and in our travels. How many times we have said ‘’That’s amazing! It would be suit perfectly in my place!’’?

Home is our memories’ cradle, which make you smile and feel better in the darkest moments. But, let’s think for a moment of a house with empty walls, as an evening gown without accessories that makes it unique!

Here, at Spazio Anna Breda are always been working on looking for beauty and design items which can make our houses unique and warm, which reflect our personalities and our mind sets.

We firmly believe in fusion between art and furniture and the day after we create stimulant and long collaborations with excellences in furniture and interior design.

At AD Arredamenti dal Pozzo in Padua and Grisignano di Zocco you can taste a selection of our best artists, emerging or not, set in amazing places of these high-level showrooms.


The same is for HAUS+, a furniture shop in Bassano del Grappa, which has found how to link in a wise and refined minimal its environmental furniture with artworks oneirically tasting.

And that’s not all! The Spazio Anna Breda’s staff makes available for the customer a many years’ matured experience: we come to your place, we chat with you, listen to your desires and preferences, watch the places and do our best to recommend you artworks and items best suitable for your personality.

Where your friends come to your place, they feel comfortable and move as they’re at their own places, it means we have made, together, the perfect choices!


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