The activity of an art gallery is comparable to a frame created by wires with different colors, but which together create an amazing pattern: commerce, talent scouting, promotion.

In a so frenetic and constantly changing world, nothing still stays unchanged: time and roles change, rules change the market changes and often is precisely the little galleries’ market to collapse first.

They are not so many which don’t know that a crisis is, which have a little market of art lovers and connoisseurs. Despite of that, you don’t have to imagine these realities as a place for few elected people: in fact, public is not consisting in people with culture or with more financial possibilities, but all social classes.

To stay in step with times and not to lose interesting market’s slices, art galleries have to be inclusive places, democratic well-rounded containers, completely new spaces where it is possible to organize events about art and culture. We live surrounded by so much art that it is necessary to distinguish ourselves, to be stubborn, to be unique.

The market, despite such a difficult moment, is not close: it has known new stimulus and new valorizations with projects and communication instruments much wider.

We are completely aware of the necessity, for galleries, to renew themselves in the new art world and we have made a very big step forward this change: Spazio Anna Breda has been creating for years new and stimulating services dedicated to our clients, trying to satisfy all their necessities.

One of the most asked services for who is most undecided is customized advices: we can bring the artworks to your place and decide together the most suitable one for the environment. For the most far clients we can also create a 3D RENDER, for the most demanding ones we have the possibilities to commission customized works.

For young couples who decide to live together or to make the big step we can offer our wedding list service: the couple chooses the artwork or the design item most interesting and the gallery furnishes its image and a banking code to them, keeping the offer’s privacy. The final list of who has joined will be then given to the spouses for thanks. An attractive alternative not to fall in banalities and make a very original present.

As I’ve already said, the key word is ‘’adapt yourself’’. Art galleries have a story which maybe  is not sufficient to make them attractive for the public, following the continuous society’s changings is essential if you want to survive. As society changes, so art changes.

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