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When Art can really be an invisible therapy.

Always more frequently Life leads us to live moods that can’t be alleviated in a simple way.
Sometimes a word with a friend or discuss with your family is not enough to understand what feels deep within the soul.
The mind is able to create prisons from which going out seems impossible, it seems to scream without anyone hearing a single word, without anyone sensing anything.

Nighthawks“, 1952. Chicago, Art Institute.


So what is the therapy?
Some recent studies have shown that Art can be an invisible but really effective therapy.
It is said that the sea calms the soul but art makes it live.
Vincent van Gogh made art his medicine when his mental illness was acute, Edward Hopper used it to express the loneliness of American society in the 30s and 40s, Burri with his Cretti highlighted the fragility of life.
Recently, hospitals have also begun to adopt the idea of introduce art into their own structures, realizing that the patients, in contact with the works of art, found benefit.

Iris (1889), Vincent Van Gogh;

Art makes us live what we can’t say, it excites us, makes us show smiles never exhibited.
We should rely more on this world too often underestimated and marketed.
Seeing is believing!

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