Melting Memories installation

Could Memories be Works of Art? The installation Melting Memories is the proof.

Refik Anadol was born in Isatnbul in 1985. He is a talented artist, lecturer and visiting researcher in UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts in Los Angeles.
The combination of his artistic passion and his scientific interest in neuroscience, has led Mr Anadol to follow studies that investigate neural mechanisms of cognitive control.
This fascinating research was carried out at the Neuroscape Laboratory of the University of California (San Francisco) and helped him to create his installation Melting Memories.
The creation reproduces the mechanism of how memories are formed in your mind. Thanks to a specific helmet that provides an electroencephalogram, Mr Anadol was able to obtain neural data to create multidimensional structures which are able to show how the brain generates memories.
The result leaves us breathless. The viewers are in front of an incredible installation made up of a LED screen (almost 5×6 meters) and a CNC milling hard foam, which create dynamic and hypnotic movements.
Melting Memories was exhibited for the first time at the Pilevneli Gallery in Istanbul in 2018.

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