At Bogotà, in Colombia, street artists reflect about civil war, which for more than fifty years has been afflicting the Country, creating real artworks, murals that hit at the first sight. In the last few years street art spread widely trough the Colombian capital city, also thanks to the major Gustavo Petro (2012-2015), an ex-warrior from the M-19 group, art politics. Not all the murals talk about peace in an explicit way, but, for most of the artists, just using roads as a painting surface is a politic gesture. Street art has been in these years a mixture of hope and complaint in Colombia: hope to reach the conclusion of the complex peace procedures and complaint about the mixture between rebel forces, smuggling and drug trafficking. Weapons are the main characters: they become crosses, rain, explosive fruit. ‘’Pineapple become a hybrid between the fruit and a bomb. It’s a critic message against the land exploitation, a critic against the war, a message about the complex relationship between war and tropics’’.


This year has been realized a giant mural at the periphery of Bogotà to celebrate the peace agreement that would has been signed the past September. The ‘’Paz’’ writing haw been created by two French artists over some buildings’ walls. Here there are some unedited images taken personally by Spazionannabreda.