What is contemporary art today? Where is it going? The contemporary intellectual has still a role in today’s society? Is he still free? The debate around art today is very heated. The artist keeps moving in circle almost trying to find something lost, as trying to remember with the heart. The artist creates his own work living the emotions, the sensations necessary to transform the blank canvas, the marble and any other material in artistic expression. The Artist’s attention is not focused on the time spent, but on the evidences of his work, which is the main aim and, more than ever in this particular moment we are living today, the Artist’s role and the Contemporary Art’s one is fundamental. And it is more incisive when it is proposed adequately contextualized in the historical period we are living, when it understands we are in need to let go old schemes and models of behaviour, habits and comfort zones, to take action in real life with new way of acting and being we still don’t know.

The Third Millennium’s artist, the New Alchemist can change, is farsighted, flexible and careful. Free from stereotypes which are still conditioning the contemporary art world and often tend to continuous comparisons with periods when the economic-social condition was completely different. It can understand 60s, 70s and 80s were… ages ago! Because the changing fastness in incredibly ‘’fast’’! These are the assumptions which today distinguish the Artist who invest and gather around himself professional figures competent and trusty that are active on making him known, on promoting, on telling, to let the desire of having available the item and its aest-ethic content grow inside the collector, who is feeling favoured by having the possibility to surround himself with Beauty expressed with the artistic creation. And the Journey into the Art, into the Contemporary Art continuous. Always accompanied by our Goddess: Aesthetic.