How many of us would buy an artwork? Exposing it in your living room, under the watch of your hosts, ora keeping it in a safe place, knowing you can admire it in absolutely peace every time you want. The problem around artworks is, you know, their price.

Art has its own cost, it’s well known. Especially if the artist who has painted the canvas or carved that sculpture is important and known all around the world. It’s sufficient to think of auctions, where some work’s prices can arise to unbelievable values, almost embarrassing, but luckily similar situations don’t happen so often.

We have to have clear in our mind that the economic value doesn’t make the artistic quality of one piece of art, but, at the same time, invest your money in an artwork safe business, because a painting made by an artist, also emerging, won’t ever lose its value. On the other hand, it will be growing progressively. Anna Breda says that when she has to promote one emerging artist is fundamental to have one feet on the ground and one in the air: this second one permits to observe the painting understanding its gist and intrinsic message, the artist’s emotions and the sensations he wants to transmit to the watchers ;the feet on the ground is the rational one, which looks at the facts, so who the author is, where his works are exposed, in how many and which exhibitions has taken part, which are the texts talking about him.

Now, imagine you want to buy an emerging artist’s artwork: what do you have to do? First of all, you have to listen to your ‘’in-the-air feet’’, your intuition, which surely can guide you to the right piece of art, conscious you are investing your money in a continuously changing market. To talk and to convince you of the quality of the work and the artist’s skills let the gallerist, who can be responsible of your ‘’on-the-ground feet’’, essential to conclude a great business.

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