The answer is simple: nowadays having an e-commerce is the same to have another sale point, but not in a specific city or nation, but in that magical world called internet, accessible from everywhere, every time.

Now there are a lot of companies which choose to use internet as the only selling channel, but having an e-commerce does not excluding the possibility to keep the traditional art gallery, actually it increases a lot the selling possibilities. Companies which are using it are, in fact, present on the market 24h per day, without time or space limitations, so they can potentially increase their selling frontiers over the national territory.

Gaining new clients and ensure the fidelity of the actual ones is a critical point to make competitive one company, and the e-commerce website is a value added and particularly suitable for keeping the old clients and reach new ones, with really low costs compared to the traditional methods.

The most important thing is that the gallery presents itself in the best way, transmitting to the users seriousness and professionality which, to conclude a sell, are more important than the item’s price itself. Not so many years ago, having an e-commerce implied resources that only a big gallery or company could invest, nowadays everything is easier and less expensive. Buying online from a reliable gallery means the possibility to take your time and choose, to evaluate precisely and slowly with attention which work to buy, comfortably from your living room.

Spazio Anna Breda has been able to adapt to these times and we have been creating for many years, an online platform which is not a static representative website, but a easy and dynamic container, where the visitor can find exhaustive answers to any request. Our suggestions are constantly updated, and the quotation are clearly showed, to guarantee transparency and reliability.

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